Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain biking in Nepal has been gaining much popularity among the adventure enthusiasts from around the world over the past few years. Fascinating mountain villages, nomadic lands, high passes, rugged and tough mountain terrain, winding rivers, rice fields, temples and monasteries as a backdrop of majestic snowy Himalayan peaks makes mountain biking trail in Nepal an exceptionally inspiring play ground for riders with any level of experience and fitness.

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Mountain Biking in Tibet

Tibet, with its diverse topological features ranging from arid flat terrain to the highest peak on the earth, makes a perfect mountain biking destination for intrepid bikers. Mountain biking along challenging trail through the vast plateau of Tibet across several 5000+ meter high mountain passes amidst grand vistas of highest peaks in the world is the ultimate biking experience of a lifetime.

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Mountain Biking in Bhutan

Bhutan's mountainous terrain offers a fascinating adventure for Mountain biking enthusiasts. The route along Bhutan's west-east highway (approx. 600 km) is an exciting route with challenges of surmounting a new pass over 3000 meters everyday. The highways winding up and down with drops of thousand of feet keep one too high on adrenaline to feel the slightest pinch of monotony.

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Mountain Biking in India

The trek to Maenam peak (3200m) has been included to offer a change in the program and also because Maenam offers a truly a fascinating and awesome view of the Sikkimese Himalayas.This is one of our less challenging Mountain bike itineraries; you don't have to be an expert mountain biker to join this tour. However it is still a very interesting tour that gives you not only a chance to ride your bike in the Himalayas but also to experience Sikkimese culture and Tibetan Buddhism.

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Dhaulagiri Region

Kanchenjunga Region

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