Buddhism Tour of India & Nepal

The Buddha was born Siddhartha Gautama, a prince of the Sakya tribe of Nepal, in approximately 566 BC. When he was twentynine years old, he left the comforts of his home to seek the meaning of the suffering he saw around him. After six years of arduous yogic training, he abandoned the way of self-mortification and instead sat in mindful meditation beneath a bodhi tree.

On the full moon of May, with the rising of the morning star, Siddhartha Gautama became the Buddha, the enlightened one.

The Buddha wandered the plains of northeastern India for 45 years more, teaching the path or Dharma he had realized in that moment. Around him developed a community or Sangha of monks and, later, nuns, drawn from every tribe and caste, devoted to practicing this path. In approximately 486 BC, at the age of 80, the Buddha died.

The Indian scholar, Shantarakshita went to Tibet during the reign of the Tibetan king Trisong Detsen (CE 740 - CE 798), but due to the opposition from some of the king's ministers, he had to leave. But before Shantarakshita left, he persuaded the king to invite the tantric adept Padmasambhava, who his arrival asserted that Shantarakshita's efforts had been ruined by the demons of the country. Padmasambhava defeated all the demons in a personal combat which impressed the king and his court who then invited Shantarakshita again and the first monastery in Tibet was built at Samye. This marked the beginning of the "first dissemination" of Buddhism to Tibet, which ended when the devout Buddhist king Relbachen (815-836) was assassinated, which further led to the beginning of an interregnum period for Tibetan Buddhism, which ended in 1042 CE, when Atisha (982 CE - 1054 CE), one of the directors of the monastic university of Nalanda, traveled to Tibet. Tibetan historians consider this to be the beginning of the 'second dissemination' of Buddhism in Tibet. Atisha was so successful in bringing the dharma to Tibet that Buddhism quickly became the dominant religious tradition in the country.


Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu. Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 02: Kathmandu – Varanasi. Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 03: Sightseeing in Varanasi. Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 04: Varanasi – Bodhgaya – 240 Km. Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 05: Bodhgaya - Rajgir (78 Km) – Nalanda (13 Km) – Patna (13 Km). Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 06: Patna – Vaishali – Kushinagar 221 Km. Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 07: Kushinagar – Lumbini. Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 08: Lumbini Sightseeing and flight to Kathmandu. Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 09: Sightseeing in Kathmandu. Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 10: Final Departure.

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